Month: March 2016

It’s time to test our drivers

Since the start of the year, 13 people have lost their lives on Lincolnshire’s roads. While undoubtedly every death is a tragedy this figure is almost four times the number of casualties we’d expect to see in the first few weeks of the year. Using the latest evidence gathered by the police and expert crash investigators, the Lincolnshire Roads Safety Partnership (LRSP) is unable to find any common factors, such as location, time, weather, etc. While analysis continues, this potential trend is at odds with the significant reduction over the last decade. In fact, 2015 saw some of the...

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Stay ahead of problems on the road with is the most comprehensive source of roadworks, road closures and other live and planned traffic disruptions in the UK The platform is more than a map of roadworks; it provides up-to-date information on incidents, road closures and other issues affecting traffic on UK roads as well as live public transport departures and a host of other information.  It is one of the most visited traffic and travel websites in the UK, and is relied upon by many national and regional organisations including emergency services. More than  3 million roadworks take place on UK roads each year, with...

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Greater Lincolnshire Devolution

After much negotiation, the deal has been confirmed and is now subject to being ratified by each council. In short my view is although the additional cash is welcome the opportunity has been missed to get real reform for Lincolnshire. The danger of not going forward with this deal was far greater than going into it. However, the inescapable¬†fact is we are replacing a tired and no longer two-tier system of local government with a four-tier system of local government. You can read the devolution agreement by clicking the button below. However, I’ve reproduced the summary of the document...

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