Month: April 2016

Lincolnshire hailed as one of the country’s top highways authorities

Lincolnshire and Durham have been named as the two top performing highways authorities in the country. In his speech about the future of funding for road maintenance, Roads Minister Andrew Jones said the two council’s have scored highly against all 22 set criteria and, as a result, would receive the maximum incentive funding for 2016/17 – £1.7million. He said: “I would urge other authorities to look closely at how Durham and Lincolnshire are running such an efficient operation” “For those authorities which have not ranked as highly as they’d have liked my officials in the department stand ready to...

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April Economic Newsletter

Update from Cllr Colin Davie – Executive Councillor for Economic Development,Tourism, Environment, Planning Spring has now arrived and so it is time for me to update you on some of the most important activities that have taken place recently in Economic Development. As you know, my philosophy for economic development is that it is businesses that create jobs and it is the role of the public sector to facilitate businesses’ ambitions.  The only way that we can achieve that facilitation role is through developing and nurturing relationships with businesses in Lincolnshire.  This is something that we have concentrated on in...

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How will the nation vote?

Rather than asking how you as individuals will vote, I’m interested to know what you think the outcome will be. The question on the ballot will be: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? The options for voters will be’Remain a member of the European Union’ and ‘Leave the European Union’. ‘Remain a member of the European Union’ or ‘Leave the European Union’. Which way do you think the majority of people will vote in the EU referendum on June 23rd? a majority will vote to LEAVE the EU a...

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Leader’s Brief – March 2016

New era for libraries Lincolnshire’s 15 major libraries will be run from 1 April by not-for-profit organisation Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL). GLL will also handle the county’s online library services and specialist support for those unable to reach their nearest library because of, for instance, disability, age or ill-health. It is predicted that the arrangement with GLL could reduce costs by as much as £500,000 on top of the £1.9m we’ve already saved by delivering library services in more cost-effective ways. In addition to running core library services, GLL will support a network of more than 30 community hubs....

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