Month: November 2015

Mud on roads

Lincolnshire County Council wants motorists to keep an eye out for muddy roads this winter and report them to the police. During the winter months mud on the roads can become treacherous through wet and slippery weather conditions, putting lives at risk if it isn’t cleaned up. Mucky roads come from farming, quarrying and development works and responsible operators should have the correct equipment to clear the roads during and at the end of each working day. Those that don’t take prompt and effective action to remove it are guilty of offences under the Highways Act 1980, but could...

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November Grantham Relief Road Update

A final layer of stone has been laid to the new section of road to the west of Tollemache Road ahead of surfacing work to take place next spring.Stone and rubble continues to arrive on site as the two new roundabouts are created. Last week 10,000 tonnes arrived on site and a further 1,500 tonnes excavated from the field next to the A1. Across the site drainage and utility work continues as does formation of the banks. Fitzgerald Engineering is the contractor for this first phase of work which entails the building of a roundabout off the B1174 and...

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Sin taxes hit the lowest paid hardest

Sin and consumption taxes, including taxes on tobacco and alcohol, cost low income people more than 37% of their income (as opposed to only 15% for richer Britons). Cutting these taxes can have significant benefits to the economy and lower the disproportionate burden on low income Britons. ieaTV explores the effect of sin taxes in this new video, based on our paper Aggressively Regressive. To read that paper, click...

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Rememberance for the future

The Remembrance Day parade down the High Street is perhaps the highlight of our town’s civic calendar. Many of us will undoubtedly remember marching as Scouts and Guides and Sunday saw the current generation of uniformed organisations proudly parade through the town.

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