Month: February 2016

Leader’s Brief Feb 2016

Budget 2016-17 agreed Lincolnshire County Council’s 2016-17 budget has been agreed. Services that were highlighted as priorities by members of the public in the budget engagement feedback will continue to be supported thanks to an additional £5.2m funding in rural services grants. These include winter maintenance, bus subsidies and 15 tier 3 children’s centres over the next two years at a cost of just under £5m. Funding has been agreed for major schemes including £42m for the Lincoln Eastern Bypass, £35m for the Grantham Southern Relief Road, £15m for the Lincoln East-West Link, £10m for the Spalding Relief Road...

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Download the wifi checker app to check your broadband

Ofcom’s new app tells you if your home Wi-Fi is likely to be slowing down your broadband – it also gives useful tips on how to improve your broadband connection. Poor Wi-Fi connections in your home can have a big impact on your broadband performance and might mean you’re not getting the best out of your service. The Ofcom Wi-Fi Checker app runs tests on your smartphone or tablet. If it finds a drop in performance, caused by your in-home Wi-Fi, it provides tips to help you improve your connection. The app is available for both Android and iOS...

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Can you get superfast broadband? Here’s how to find out

The BT DSL checker is a useful online tool which residents and businesses can utilise to see what services are available to them. This can mean that you can check whether you can get superfast broadband too. Go to the BT DSL Checker website You now have three options. You can use your telephone number to search if you have a BT landline (do not include spaces) You can use the address checker to search if the above is not an option You can use the postcode checker to search if both of the above do not provide...

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Lincolnshire Highways Scrutiny Committee to review Grantham Transport Strategy

To report Progress Review of the Transport Strategy for Grantham together with the review of the walking and cycling routes. This will enable Lincolnshire County Council to continue to deliver its objectives with its partners and obtain funding via external processes. Background The Transport Strategy for Grantham 2007 to 2021 and Beyond (Appendix A) was originally endorsed by Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) in December 2007 and South Kesteven District Council (SKDC) in April 2009. The aim of the Strategy was to look at all of the issues that relate to transport in the town and to make recommendations with...

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Smart motorways ‘causing serious problems for road users’, say police

SOME of the country’s most senior traffic police are warning that new smart motorways are ‘causing serious problems for road users’. Smart motorways allow motorists to drive on the hard shoulder during peak times, using different technologies to vary speed limits, depending on the prevailing driving conditions. There are three types – controlled motorway, all-lane running and hard shoulder running.However, all-lane running not only stops emergency services getting to the site of an accident, but also prevents the police from pulling over drivers who have committed offences. HGV drivers from overseas, unaware of the changes, have also been known...

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