The BT DSL checker is a useful online tool which residents and businesses can utilise to see what services are available to them. This can mean that you can check whether you can get superfast broadband too.

  1. Go to the BT DSL Checker website
  2. You now have three options.
    1. You can use your telephone number to search if you have a BT landline (do not include spaces)
    2. You can use the address checker to search if the above is not an option
    3. You can use the postcode checker to search if both of the above do not provide information

If you cannot get a result using any of the above options, please contact the OnLincolnshire team

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 09.52.54

3. The result, if you can sign up to an FTTC product should look like this and you need to contact your ISP:

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 09.55.40

4.If only the existing products are shown for your result, this means that you cannot get faster broadband as this time. There are different reasons for this, some being:

I. The cabinet has not been enabled yet – is the cabinet delayed? Check the project updates page

II. You are too far away from the cabinet to be able to benefit. At distances of over 2km the signal drops off significantly.

Please contact the OnLincolnshire Team to discuss any issues you are having or if you are too far away from the cabinet. They might be able to suggest an alternative or help in some other way