Our OnLincolnshire project has seen over 150,000 properties now having access to Superfast broadband. Lincolnshire is now one of the leading counties for connectivity with more homes and businesses having access to online services. Whether it be homes being able to surf the internet and access state of the art online entertainment or small businesses being able to compete on the world stage, superfast connectivity is key to growing our county. Nowadays, good broadband is almost as important as good roads, so it’s vital we get the right infrastructure in place.

We’ve brought faster broadband to more than 1,000 Lincolnshire properties a week, and as a result, we’re starting to see a real increase in the number of people signing up for superfast services. Those that do will be able to watch HD TV and movies online, share photos with family and friends in seconds, and much, much more. At home, fibre broadband enables a family to simultaneously download a movie, watch a TV replay service, surf the internet and play games online all at the same time. A whole album can be downloaded in less than 30 seconds and a typical feature-length HD movie in less than 10 minutes, while high-resolution photos can be uploaded in seconds.

Superfast speeds can also give our local small businesses an added edge, helping them break into new markets across the globe and develop better connections with customers.

Everyone benefits from faster connections – residents, businesses, and school and college students.

If you currently experience poor broadband speeds, or you are unable to obtain an affordable broadband service at all, the new satellite broadband scheme will provide you with access to an alternative broadband service that will offer speeds of at least 2Mbps. This scheme is intended as a solution for premises that are currently unable to access broadband download speeds of at least 2Mbps to provide you with a useable broadband service, pending the future availability of Superfast Broadband services in your area.

You can find out more about the whole project at www.onlincolnshire.org


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