Following analysis and site visits LCC Highways have issued a formal objection to the SKDC Planning Application for Vaculug to convert their car park into a retail development. Full report is here

Application number: S24/0539
Application Type: Full Planning Application
Location: Vacu Lug Traction Tyres Ltd , Gonerby Road, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 8HE

Highway and Lead Local Flood Authority Report

Substantive Response provided in accordance with article 22(5) of The Town and Country
Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015:

Recommendation for Refusal
 – The Highway Authority recommend that this site is refused on Highway Safety

An objection has been raised by the Highways Authority but if the Local Planning Authority
are still minded to recommend approval, LCC would be grateful for notification via
[email protected] as to why material considerations outweigh
the Highway Authority objections, and be given an opportunity to make further

The proposal is for the construction of new retail units and associated car parking, access and
servicing on an existing redundant overflow car park. Although the current use of this land is
deemed redundant overflow car parking, it is clear that this is car park is in frequent use and
on most days full to capacity.
The existing site is currently serving as a car park for the adjacent business. As a result of the
development, there will be insufficient parking to serve both the proposed development and
the host business and will result in vehicles parking on the public maintained highway, within
close proximity to the nearby school, which in its nature, sees a high increase in vehicle
parking and footfall of children at opening and closing times. The combination of the school,
increased parking as a result of the proposed development within the area will cause
restricted visibility at crossing points and junctions and would have serious implications on
Highway Safety within the area. Therefore, the Highway Authority object to this application
on the grounds of Highway Safety.
Officer’s Name: Joseph Walden
Officer’s Title: Senior Development Management Officer
Date: 29 April 2024

We’re objecting to the planning proposals because, as they stand, there won’t be enough parking for the vehicles using the current and proposed businesses. 

Cllr Paul Martin spoke to me on behalf of his constituents about the safety issues around this application. I know it’s something a lot of people are genuinely concerned about. Having previously been a governor of GHF Primary School, I know first hand the transport issues here and support the analysis the highways team have done and their recommendation.

The existing site is already being used as an overflow parking area for the current set-up. Adding more businesses into the mix, with the extra traffic they bring, will only exacerbate the problem.  

We believe that if these plans go ahead, vehicles will end up parked on the road near the school. The combination of the increased parking demand without the necessary area to accommodate the extra vehicles, children and parents on the move several times a day and traffic already using the road, is just too dangerous.  

It’s something that we cannot let pass unopposed with the plans as they are.