We need your help in identifying sites where EV chargers might be installed in the future.

The transition to Electric Vehicles is crucial to drive forward the Government’s and Lincolnshire County Council’s Net Zero targets. To achieve this, the Government has set up the Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) Fund to provide on-street charging for people with no access to off-street parking. In a market driven by the private sector until now, the LEVI funding allows Local Authorities to ensure EV rollout meets local needs.

To ensure we get the chargepoints where they are most needed, We are reaching out to local residents to help us identify suitable on street locations to be considered for EV chargepoints in the future. To meet the Governments current projections, Lincolnshire alone is likely to need more than 4000 chargepoints by 2030 and we want to make sure that everyone in Lincolnshire has fair access to the correct infrastructure when they need it.  

If you have a location you would like to consider, please get in touch at [email protected]. We need people with the local knowledge to help us with this challenge.

We are also taking the opportunity to engage more widely on sustainable travel. We will welcome thoughts and suggestions on other interventions that would support residents in using a mode of transport other than the private car. This could be any infrastructure from cycle stands, more footpaths, or improved bus stops. We’ll consider all suggestions and explore them in more detail.