Dear Resident,

On May 4th you’ll have the chance to decide who runs your local County Council. Having represented this area since 2009 I am again asking for your support.

I have been absolutely delighted with the response I have received from local people to my positive campaign. It has been very encouraging to meet residents who have promised me their support, and your vote couldn’t be more important. Election results here are always close – a handful of votes could decide who stands up for our area.

There are lots of good reasons why I am asking for your vote to return me as your local councillor:

  • Grantham Bypass: After 40 years of waiting I am proud that I’ve been able to secure funding for the much needed relief road and we now have men and machinery on site building it. Finally, we can move the A52 traffic off Barrowby Road and ban non local HGV’s from our town centre. This is no small investment but the £80m road will be open within three years.
  • Education: Not only have I fought to make our schools safer with the introduction of CCTV parking enforcement outside our schools, but also I have successfully campaigned for the new primary school on Barrowby Lodge which will open next year.
  • Roads Maintenance: the perennial problem of potholes has been a real focus during the last four years and our area, in particular Barrowby Gate & Dysart Road, is already benefitting from some of the government’s latest grant funding. The newly introduced county permit scheme will also help to take back control of our roads from careless and thoughtless utility companies.
  • Speeding: Barrowby Gate & Winchester Road are real hotspots for speeding, I have secured extra police enforcement which has seen average speeds drop across the area.
  • I have delivered real change. Since being elected in 2009 we have seen an unprecedented amount of investment in Grantham such as the Market Place and Westgate improvements. Gone is the tired looking town centre I grew up with, to be replaced by a focal point we can be proud of.
  • Taxation: We have been able to keep council tax low whilst continuing to invest in services.
  • Development: Grantham is growing and we need to ensure that our infrastructure can cope. I have successfully lobbied for a phased approach that will see housing, jobs, roads and other facilities be delivered to effectively support the growth.
  • Making our town safer by building more pedestrian crossings than ever before on Manthorpe Road, Dysart Road, London Road and outside St Anne’s Primary School.
  • I care. Time and time again I have been humbled by people asking for my help. Be that fighting to get local children into the best school for them, or demanding Grantham Hospital’s Accident & Emergency department stays open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is a real honour to represent our town and it’s residents, I try and keep people informed of what I am doing via my website and social media so please get in touch if I can help in any way. You can send me a message using the contact box below or just leave a comment!

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