Following the discovery of half-eaten kebabs, dog poo bags and even used needles inside local grit bins, people are being reminded that they aren’t meant for rubbish.

While the council grits around 2,000 miles of road each time temperatures drop, it simply doesn’t have the resources to routinely salt footpaths.

However, the authority works closely with a range of local organisations to clear some steep and well-used pavement, providing them with the salt they need.

The council provides and refills almost 1,900 grit bins for local communities to use on paths and roads in their area.

Recently, a number of the bins have been found full of rubbish, including half-eaten kebabs, dog poo bags and even used needles.

This is clearly not what they are intended for, and it’s extremely unpleasant for those helping to keep their local community free of snow and ice.

So please do look after your local grit bin.

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