A few residents have been in touch with concerns about speeding and accidents on the A52 Barrowby Road, Grantham. Below are some accident statistics for the area (last 3 year and 5 year details).

As you’ll note there are very few recorded accidents, other than one serious collision involved a school child running across the road heedless of traffic.

As far as speed readings are concerned, we haven’t got anything recent but the Mean Speed generally doesn’t change all that much. So, in 2009 in the 40 limit near to Gloucester Rd junction the Mean was 40.6 mph with a daily flow of 13,000 vehicles. In 2005, just east of Winchester Rd in the 30 limit, the Mean was 34 mph with a daily flow of just over 12,000. Based on these statistics there’s little evidence of there being a speeding issue. That said, I have asked for a more up to date survey to be undertaken and will ask for some additional police enforcement.

Once I’ve got more up to date traffic data I’ll post it here!