In order to carry out essential works Network Rail have closed the footpath under the Barrowby Road rail bridge till 10th December. Currently this is in the top 5 of their bridges to be hit by vehicles so maintenance is essential.

Unfortunately this will mean closing a well used footpath for the duration of the works. After walking to the area with local residents I met with our highways team to see if there were any options for a temporary crossing to avoid the roundtrip up Barrowby Road to the pedestrian crossing near Winchester Road junction.

Unfortunately after walking the road with our highways officer I agree with the previous assessment that there isn’t anywhere suitable for a temporary pedestrian crossing. The primary requirements are:

– 60m visibiiity each way.

– no grass on either side.

– no kerb either side (DDA compliance) ramps would require the road width to be reduced to single lane – which I could not support due to traffic impact.

– no blocking of drive access to properties.

Additionally the Network Rail suggestion wasn’t quite a pedestrian crossing but a temporary footway on a closed lane of the road – again this would have huge traffic impacts and couldn’t be supported.

We have asked Network Rail to put out additional signage to warn pedestrians and point them in the right direction.