It’s that time again, in just over a year we will be campaigning for all 56 seats on South Kesteven District Council.

The Association is now open for applications to stand as a candidate for the elections next year. It is vital we select candidates early, so we can support you in campaigning over the next year in your area to ensure success next May.

Standing as a Councillor offers the chance to make a huge difference to the quality of life for the residents in your area. Being an effective councillor requires both commitment and hard work.

The Councillor’s role centres around community leadership and engagement, responsibilities include:
– representing the ward for which they are elected
– decision-making – developing and reviewing council policy
– scrutinising decisions taken by the councillors on the Cabinet
– regulatory, quasi-judicial and statutory duties

It’s a really exciting time on South Kesteven at present and the Association welcomes applications across the area. Current sitting Councillor’s on SKDC will receive an email shortly detailing the process for re-selection.

If you are interested in standing as a candidate, then please download the form from our website here. If you would like to know more about the ward boundaries for where you would like to stand, then please look here.

Once you have completed the form, please return to the Office as soon as possible. We will then be holding Candidate Approval Panel meetings in the next couple of months. These are informal interviews based on your application and will discuss why you would like to stand for the Council and as a Conservative candidate. Following your approval as a Candidate, you will then be able to apply to stand in the ward(s) of your choice. In some areas the formal selection will be undertaken by the local branch or you will be invited to an Association Executive Council meeting for selection. You will be advised of this process at your Candidate Approval Panel interview.

If you have any queries, about the process, standing as a Councillor or a better understanding of the role then please do not hesitate to contact me for an informal chat