The contractor will pay for a second series of road improvements in the Barrowby Gate area after the original repairs failed.

In September, roads in the area were surfaced dressed, a process which involves laying new chippings to extend the life of the carriageway.

I become aware that the repairs have not lasted as expected following routine inspections and feedback from residents, resulting in a number of loose chippings that are causing issues for motorists. 

We expect our contractors to meet certain standards, and, in this case, they’ve clearly failed. 

I’m aware of the issues this is causing, and I want to reassure residents that the contractor will be coming back to put this right – and at their own expense.

Mistakes happen and I am pleased that Kier have held their hands up and apologised. They are coming back to put the works right in the spring, when the weather is suitable and in the meantime paying to sweep the road to keep chippings from causing a problem.

Below is a copy of the letter they are delivering to local residents.