This week work started to lay the surface of the new road built during the first phase of Grantham’s Southern Relief Road project. This phase remains on track to be completed by July this year.

This work includes the creation of two new roundabouts, 85m and 75m wide, linked by a 400m long section of road along Tollemache Road. This section of road will link to the A1 in the west (phase 2) and A52 in the east (phase 3). It will become the new A52 route, replacing the existing A52 through Grantham which will be reclassified as a B class road.

Executive member for highways and transportation, Councillor Richard Davies, said:

“It is great to see the progress being made on what will become a much-used route bypassing Grantham. Although the work is concentrated around the two new roundabouts, the next phase will see the B1174 link up to the A1. This will be a major benefit to those motorists travelling from the east and south of Grantham to the A1 as they will no longer have to travel through the town to link to this main route.”

Thanks to the project getting off to a good start before Christmas, the long periods of wet weather so far this year have not set the project back as much as they otherwise could have done. As a result work has been re-scheduled so that phase one is still on track.

Phase two is an 18 month project linking the new western roundabout to the A1 and is on track to start late summer once the legal orders have been approved by Highways England enabling the new road to connect to the existing A1.

Planning is also underway on phase three – the Southern Quadrant link road which will link the new B1174 roundabout to the A52. Discussions are underway with Network Rail and landowners with a view to this phase starting in 2017. The full relief road can then be operational by 2019.

For more information on this scheme visit the Grantham Southern Relief Road page


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