Request from Healthwatch Lincolnshire

Healthwatch Lincolnshire are currently doing a project (working with Lincolnshire Public Health) to better understand what the barriers and concerns are for parents in getting their child/ren immunised.  In addition, the NHS is very concerned about the number of women that are not attending cervical or breast screening, both of which can be a life saver, especially if detected early.   Please find below some information that could be sent out to your contacts, we hope this works okay for you and many thanks in anticipation of your help with this.

Healthwatch Lincolnshire is the independent watchdog for all health and care services in Lincolnshire.  The charity was formed as part of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 to enable patients, carers and service users to speak out about their experiences of health and care services.  Your voice matters, through public feedback Healthwatch is able to help the organisations that deliver and pay for statutory services understand what is working well and what needs improving.

They are currently working closely with Public Health Lincolnshire to research the take up of essential immunisation and screening services.  The survey focuses on both child immunisation and adult screening & immunisations, and what, if any, are the barriers or concerns of people who are accessing them.  The information they are able to gather will form important feedback for the NHS and Lincolnshire County Council in developing future support and information.  There is a great deal of national concern about the take up of cervical screening which is vital in saving lives if detected sooner.  Whooping Cough and other childhood illnesses continue to be a concern, but there is also recognition that not all parents feel confident in immunising their child.

We would be grateful if you could complete the survey via this link :